Annual Report 2014

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Review of Operations / Strategy

Business Technologies Business (Office Field)

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Capture a large share of the market for mainstay A3 office color MFPs1 in Europe and the United States, where growth is expected

Konica Minolta share of A3 office color MFPs

Unit shipment trends and forecasts in the office A3 MFP market

MFP (Multi-Functional Peripherals): Units that support a wide variety of functions, such as copying, printing, scanning, and facsimile

Growth drivers in the Office Services Field

By providing solutions tailored to the individual digital work flows of corporate customers, we aim to increase their operating efficiency and consequently increase the number of our devices installed as well as print volume.

Customers'work flows vary by the type and content of their business, and can be the source of inefficiencies, data leaks or other problems. On top of these, new issues arise with the increased use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. By combining our document solutions, focused mainly on input and output, with the network management and security knowhow of IT service companies acquired in Europe and the United States, we are working to provide solutions, including increasing efficiency, to our customers'problems.

Using our direct sales capabilities in Europe and the United States, we will actively make digital workflow improvement proposals to both existing and new customers. By doing so, we will increase both our number of customers and the number of Konica Minolta units installed at customers'workplaces, expanding our business scale and creating higher added value.

Digital Work Flow Services

  • 2.Growth Strategy
  • Review of Operations / Strategy