Ceramic Tile


Trends in this Field

  • As architectural designs become more diverse, ceramic tiles are increasingly being used for architectural interiors, exteriors, and interiors.
  • The ceramic tile industry is focused on digital printing processes with less wasted materials and water-based inks with less environmental impact due to growing awareness of SDGs and circular economy.

Benefits of Inkjet Printing

  • Non-contact inkjet printing is widely used for brittle and fragile ceramic tiles before firing, and a wide range of ceramic tile sizes can be supported by changing the number of installed inkjet heads.
  • In addition to color printing, it is possible to express a variety of reliefs by converting the decoration printing process to an inkjet.

Advantages of Konica Minolta's Inkjet Printheads

  • A design with a thin head is adopted to enable the device to be designed compactly.
  • Konica Minolta's unique built-in circulation function near the nozzle enables stable operation even with ink containing particles.
  • Control waveform that matches the characteristics of the ink can be supported.
  • High ink durability corresponding to water-based ink.
  • High scratch resistance with SUS(Stainless Used Steel) nozzle plate technology.

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