KM1024a RC series

KM1024a RC series

High Productivity, Large Droplet Print Head Featuring Unique Nozzle Recirculation System.


- Unique Nozzle Recirculation

Dual recirculation paths optimize the flow regime at the nozzle level. This delivers stable jetting even with sediment-prone inks.

Unique Nozzle Recirculation

- High Productivity Analog Waveform

Originally-developed analog waveform is optimal for multi-drop jetting. A wide range of ink droplet sizes up to 240pl can be jetted from one head.

High Productivity Analog Waveform

- Compact Print head

Compact (19.5mm wide) print head enables compact high quality printer design featuring nozzle recirculation.

Compact Print head

- Durability with Variety of Inks

Suitable not only for UV, solvent and oil-based inks but also for eco-friendly water-based inks (*)

Durability with Variety of Inks

* Compatibility should be checked by customer before use.