KM1024i Series

KM1024i Series

High-speed 1024-nozzle inkjet printhead

Main Features

- Inkjet Printhead featuring an All-nozzle Independent Drive System with a Multi-line Structure

In contrast with the existing 3-cycle system drive, an independent drive system that enables simultaneous emission from all 1024 nozzles has been adopted. The high-density structure featuring 4 lines of 256 nozzles aligned with high precision enhances positioning accuracy to realize high-definition print quality.

- Maximum Drive Frequency (45kHz) approximately 3 Times greater than that of the KM1024 Series

Adoption of an independent drive system has made it possible to realize a drive frequency (45kHz) approximately 3 times greater than that of the KM1024 Series. This is the ideal inkjet printhead for development of single-pass system inkjet printers capable of high-speed printing.

- Head Structure featuring Stable Emission Performance and Outstanding Ink Tolerance

KM1024i enables stable emission of a wide variety of industrial links and features and ink-tolerant structure. In addition, the structure is capable of ink circulation, making it possible to also use ink prone to precipitation.

- Appropriate Control of Ink Temperature by the High-performance Built-in Heater

KM1024i features a high-performance heater built into the head, enabling stable temperature control of high-viscosity and other inks used in industrial applications.

- Capable of Printing of a Maximum of 8 drop sizes, High Resolution Nozzles of 360npi

Like the existing KM1024 Series, KM1024i is mounted with a high-performance IC to enable printing of a maximum of 8 drop sizes. This makes the product ideal for new applications that require even greater richness of gradient expression and high-definition image quality.

- Environmentally-considerate Approved Green Product (*1)

KM1024i incorporates only approximately one-third(*2) of the petroleum-derived materials and toxic chemicals used in the current KM1024 Series. In addition, the nozzle unit surface area is the same as that of the KM1024 Series.


*1: Concerning Green Product Approval
The Konica Minolta Group has launched the "Green Product Approval System" which is designed to evaluate products with outstanding environmental performance in accordance with original standards. Inkjet Printhead KM1024i is a product that has gained this system standard.

*2: Approximately One-third of the Amount of Petroleum-derived Resources and Toxic Substances