KM1024 Series

KM1024 Series

Wide-width head featuring 72mm print width for realization of high productivity.


- Major improvement in productivity by use of 1024 multi-nozzles and realization of wide print width of 72mm

The unit is equipped with twice the number of nozzles mounted on the KM512 printhead, enabling the high density required to realize the 72mm print width.
This increased width further enhances applicability to printing systems (e.g. Single-pass inkjet printers) that demand high productivity.

- Printhead power consumption is reduced by 50% through the use of a new, high efficiency piezo actuator.

Konica Minolta piezo on-demand inkjet heads are already driven using lower voltages than other inkjet heads and the new actuator used in the KM1024 reduces power consumption even further. This makes the printhead ideally suited to "green" design and shows Konica Minolta’s ongoing consideration for the environment.

- Increased grey-scale levels produce richer tones and more subtle gradients making the printhead even more attractive to existing and new print applications.

Equipped with a new control IC, the KM1024 printhead can print up to a maximum of 8 drop sizes. This allows even greater control of the printed image resulting in smoother colour gradients and more precisely matched tones.

- The ultra-slim, space saving printhead shape improves print quality and allows more compact machine design.

The KM1024 printheads can be mounted very closely together minimising out of alignment errors in the transport or traverse system. This improves print registration resulting in consistently higher quality print. As multiple printheads can be mounted in a smaller space it is often possible to greatly reduce the length of the print path resulting in an overall reduction in machine size.

Reduction in the CO2 emissions level of approximately 50% during product usage(Per-nozzle comparison with KM512)

- The KM1024 is suitable for use in a diverse range of industrial printing applications.

The product range includes heads with an integral heater and compatibility with solvent, UV and oil ink types.

- We have added 42pl and 6pl droplet volumes to our lineup.

In order to support all kinds of industrial applications, we have added large-droplet (42pl) and small-droplet (6pl) types to our lineup. To satisfy our customers’ needs and print applications, we offer capabilities ranging from high-definition to high-speed printing.

- The KM1024 Series features environmentally considerate products ( With Green Product Approval*).

Compared to the KM512 Series, the CO2 emissions level during usage of the product has been reduced by approximately 50% thanks to the development of the low-capacitance actuator. In addition, the amount of petroleum-derived resources used has been reduced by approximately 20%. The product also features a slimmer printhead, lighter weight (approximately 20% less than the KM512 Series) and a footprint approximately 20% smaller.
( The above data applies to the environmental performance of KM1024M (14pl ).)

Reduction in the CO2 emissions level of approximately 50% during product usage(Per-nozzle comparison with KM512)

*Concerning Green Product Approval
The Konica Minolta Group has launched the "Green Product Approval System" which is designed to evaluate products with outstanding environmental performance in accordance with original standards. Inkjet Printhead KM1024 is a product that has gained this system standard