KM1024 Series

Specifications - KM1024 Series

Wide-width head featuring 72mm print width for realization of high productivity.


Printhead Name KM1024MNB KM1024MHB KM1024LNB KM1024LHB KM1024SHB
Technology Piezo Drop on Demand (Shared wall 3 cycle)
Resolution 180dpi × 2lines = 360dpi
Number of Nozzles 512nozzles × 2lines = 1024nozzles
Nozzle Pitch 70.5m (141m×2lines)
Drop Size 14pl 42pl 6pl
Max Frequency 12.8kHz 6.7kHz 7.6kHz 30kHz
Printing Width 72mm
Dimensions W131mm × D18mm × H89mm
Weight 150g
Grey scale 8 levels
Iternal Heater - -
Solvent Ink
UV Ink

* Specifications above could be changed without any announcement.