Inkjet Control System IJCS-1

Inkjet Control System IJCS-1

IJCS-1 can be used to perform ink emission evaluation, actual printing and other processes for verification of development of Inkjet Print Head systems.


The inkjet control system IJCS-1 is a dedicated controller for the operation of Konica Minolta inkjet printheads. Simply connecting the device to any available PC, in combination with dedicated drive circuits KMDB series, is all that is required to initiate procedures such as inkjet printhead evaluation and testing.

- Simplicity of Connection and Operation

All that is required for set up is to connect the IJCS-1 body to any available PC by a USB cable. The accessory software enables simple setting of image data transmission and various inkjet printhead parameters (e.g. voltage and drive waveform).

- Simplicity of Connection to External Devices

IJCS-1 is furnished with functions that allow operation in response to synchronizing signal received from external devices and output of triggers to external devices to facilitate the creation of an inkjet experiment system by enabling combined operation with devices such as stages and strobe systems.

- Reduction in Inkjet Printer System Development Time

An SDK (Software Development Kit) is available to enable the use of the accessory software in combination with the customer's application software.
In addition, I/F information is also available for the KMDB series, making it possible to create an inkjet system without the need for time-consuming tasks such as the development of elements such as circuit boards and printhead drive software.