Printing on 3D shapes

three dimensional object

Trends in this Field

  • The packaging industry for cups and containers is experiencing a trend towards diversification of designs, small lot diversification, and shorter delivery times.
  • This is in response to the increased awareness of SDGs and a circular economy, and is expected to lead to a progression towards labelless packaging.
  • The diversification of designs has also led to a diversification of packaging shapes, and there is a growing focus on automation processes utilizing robot arms.

Benefits of Inkjet Printing

  • Digital inkjet printing does not require a plate for each design, which contributes to small-lot, high-mixed production, and lead-time reduction compared to conventional printing methods.
  • Additionally, the non-contact printing method enables printing on complicated shapes.
  • Variable data printing, such as QR and bar codes, can also contribute to the efficiency of logistics and sales promotion campaigns.

Advantages of Konica Minolta's Inkjet Printheads

  • Konica Minolta inkjet printheads have a built-in heating function and can support various inks and viscosities.
  • The heads are designed to be thin, allowing for a compact device design.
  • Control waveforms that match the characteristics of the ink can be proposed, and each model has a lineup of droplet sizes according to the application.
  • Konica Minolta's unique High-gap ink ejection technology enables a wide printing distance and allows for printing on complex shapes.

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