KM1024a Series

Features - KM1024a Series

Delivering High Productivity, Reliability and Quality for Industrial Applications.


- High Productivity Analogue Waveform

Adopting analogue waveform that can achieve high productivity and print accuracy in multiple drops. High flexibility to optimize the waveform for individual inks. 6pl /40kHz, 20pl/ 22kHz is achievable.

- Compact Print Head

Light weight (150g) and compact (17.6mm wide) print head enables compact printer design. Mechanical compatibility with KM1024i series print heads.

- Water Based Ink Support ※1024aSAE-Q only

Chemical compatibility with water based ink in KM1024aSAE-Q.

- Robust Nozzle Plate

New nozzle plate material with even higher scratch resistance around 100 times* better than the previous version. *Based on internal measurement

- High Drop Accuracy

Introduced a new production method to optimize the drop velocity for individual nozzles. Analogue waveform also enables improved drop accuracy.