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Konica Minolta Inkjet Printhead Features for Industrial Applications

Outstanding Jetting Accuracy

Konica Minolta's advanced precision processing technologies; laser machining and material processing enable precise nozzle placement with high density and high positional accuracy. Ultra-small ink droplets measured in picolitres, pl (1 pl is one trillionth of a litre) land precisely on target.

Stable Jetting with a Wide Range of Ink Options

Our unique ejection control technology, high-precision processing technology, precision bonding technology, and material technology are fully utilized to achieve stable ejection for inks of various viscosities. The high ejection stability allows a wide range of options from water-based to solvent inks as well as high-functionality inks such as UV.

Compact Design for Easy Head Alignment

The short distance between nozzle rows and the slim, compact, lightweight chassis significantly reduce head alignment sensitivity.


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