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KM1024a RC series

High Productivity, Large Droplet Print Head Featuring Unique Nozzle Recirculation System.

KM1024a RC series


Model Name KM1024aLHG-RC
Drive mode Independent
# of Nozzle 1024
Print width(mm) 72
Resolution(npi) 360
Head dimensions W: 131.2mm x D: 19.5mm x H: 99.2mm
Regular jetting frequency (kHz) 25.6kHz(Binary)  12.8kHz (3dpd)  5.7kHz(8dpd)
Drop volume (pL) 27pl (Binary) 79pl (3dpd)  240pl (8dpd)
Jetting temperature RT~55℃
Internal heater Available
Ink type Solvent, UV, Oil, Water based
Ink viscosity (mPa∙s) 10-14
Waveform Analogue
Weight 190g
Grey scale level 8 Level

2D design

KM1024arc - Specifications -

The specifications are as of August 2021 and subject to change without notice.

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