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Inkjet Print Head

Inkjet Print Head

The Konica Minolta Inkjet Print Head Printhead offers a range of solutions to various customer applications.
Its unique, easy-to-use Printhead Evaluation System is designed to facilitate customers' development of inkjet print systems.
Konica Minolta assists each and every customer in almost all aspects, from R&D and production and quality control to marketing of the product using Konica Minolta’s inkjet technology.

KM800/1600 series

Thin-film Piezo, High-resolution, High productivity, 800 or 1600-nozzle inkjet printhead

KM1024a RC series

Analogue waveform, high speed multi-drop 1024-nozzle, Unique nozzle recirculation system, inkjet printhead

KM1024a Series

Analogue waveform, high speed multi-drop 1024-nozzle inkjet printhead

KM1024i Series

High-speed 1024-nozzle inkjet printhead

KM1024 Series

Wide-width head featuring 72mm print width for realization of high productivity

KM512 Series

Piezo On-Demand Inkjet Printhead suited for industiral applications.

Inkjet Evaluation System

Development tool for Inkjet Print Head system

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