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Q What are features or advantages of the Konica Minolta Inkjet Print Head?
A The head is composed of piezo material, driven on demand with electric signals, and is most suited to industrial applications thanks to its robust internal/external designs. Customers can choose the best fitted head from three different drop volume types for their specific applications.
Q Which drop volume should I choose for my application?
A The L type that ejects 42pl drops is suited to 360 dpi printing for higher productivity. The 14pl M type head can print high quality images at 720 dpi resolution. The finest drop volume head, S type, achieves photo qualtiy images at 1440 dpi.
Q What is the main difference between piezo and thermal Inkjet Print Heads?
A Piezo inkjet ejects ink drops utilizing deformation of small ink chambers composed piezoelectric material, while thermal inkjet heats ink to cause explosion which generate tiny ink droplets. Piezo inkjet has the advantage in wider compatibility of available inks which industrial applications require.
Q What is the “single pass” inkjet priniting?
A A home use inkjet pritner moves the head carriage across the recording media to cover the print area, whereas the “single pass” inkjet prinitng arranges heads to the full media width and the recording media travels under the heads. For industrial applications, the speed that can only be attainable by single pass prinitng is the key to success.
Q Is the Konica Minolta head suitable to the signle pass inkjet printing?
A Yes. The compact design of our print head, together with the high resolution nozzle array, is best suited to the industrial applications.
Q Is any kind of inks available with the head if it is oil-based, solvent based or UV based?
A There are appropriate ranges for ink attributes such as viscosity, surface tension and chemical properties. Please consult with our technical staff for specific cases.
Q What is the life time of the print head´╝č
A It depends on usage. Most typically, what determines the life of the print head is not the number of times it has fired, but damage to the nozzle surface by media hit, or ink clogging in the nozzle hole.
In fact, hadnling of the head or print system design significantly affects the actual head life.
Q How can I keep the head in good condition?
A The head maintenance operation is indispensible in securing head performance. Wiping with rubber blade or cloth, pressure purge of ink from the nozzle holes, capping of the head during idling are typical measures for head maintenance.
Q What is the fastest and most efficient way to start using Konica Minolta IJ heads for my work?
A Our head evaluation system is the best choices.
Q Where can I buy Konica Minolta Inkjet Print Heads?
A Please contact the business development division of Konica Minolta IJ. Click here to use the inquiry form.

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