KM800/1600 series

KM800/1600 series

Thin film piezo drive technology enables high productivity, high resolution, and high-speed. Compatible with a wide range of inks from water-based to eco-solvent.


Model Name KM800 KM1600 KM800-D
Number of Nozzles 800 1600 800
Print Width (mm) 56.4 56.4 56.4
Resolution(npi) 360 720 360
Head Dimensions W99 mm x D18.8 mm x H109.4 mm W101.5 mm x D59.8 mm x H112.4 mm W99 mm x D18.8 mm x H109.4 mm
Drive Frequency (kHz)  Multi-drop:18.2
Droplet Volume (pL) 5~22
Jetting Temperature RT
Internal Heater None
Damper None Available
Ink Types Solvent, Water-based, Latex
Ink Viscosity (mPa∙s) 5~7
Weight(g) 100 350 120
Grey Scale Level 4 4 4

2D design

 * The specifications are as of November 2021 and subject to change without notice.