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KM1024a Series

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KM1024 Series


Model Name KM1024aSHE/KM1024aSAE-Q
Drive Mode Independent
# of nozzle 1024
Print Width (mm) 72
Head dimensions W: 131.2mm x D: 17.6mm x H: 97mm
Regular jetting frequency (kHz) 40kHz (Binary) 22kHz (4dpd)
Drop volume (pL) 6pL (Binary) 20pL (4dpd)
Jetting temperature RT~55℃
Internal heater Available
Ink Type Solvent, UV, Oil, Water-based (Water-based only for 1024aSAE-Q)
Ink Viscosity (mPa・s) 7-10
Waveform Analogue
Weight 150g
Grey scale level 8 level

2D design

KM1024a - Specifications -

The specifications are as of January 2021 and subject to change without notice.

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