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Inkjet Control System IJCS-1

IJCS-1 can be used to perform ink emission evaluation, actual printing and other processes for verification of development of Inkjet Print Head systems.

Inkjet Control System IJCS-1


Inkjet Control System IJCS-1 - Specifications -

Inkjet Control System IJCS-1

Applicable printheads KM512 series
KM1024 series
KM1024i series
Max. printhead number 4 pieces (256 pieces in case of IJCS-1 with cascade connection)
Power supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Operating Environment Temperature 20~30°C Humidity 30~70% No condensation
Interface USB 3.0
Input Signal Encoder signal ( phase A,B,Z)
Scan trigger, Flash trigger
* RS422 or TTL selectable
Output Signal Fire signal
5VC( 1A ) output
Printing mode Uni-directional 、Bi-directional
Image Format bmp, tiff
Operating System Windows 7 Professional  32bit / 64bit
Pentium4, 2GHz or more  Memory 256MB
Language English , Japanese
Product Life 5 years or 10,000 hours
Weight 4.9kg
Dimensions W400×D290×H111.5mm
Accessory Drive unit , IJCS-1-DU01A, DC connection code

Front side
Front side

Back side
Back side

Printhead drive unit, LVDS cable, Power code
Printhead drive unit, LVDS cable, Power code

Drive Circuit Board KMDB Series

Applicable Printheads KMDBS01A:KM512 Series
KMDBL01A:KM1024 Series
KMDBL02B: KM1024i Series
Power Supply Printhead and Logic Board :24.0±2.0v、1.2A or less
Heater :24.0±3.0v、1.2A or less
Operational Environment Temperature 20~30℃  Humidity 30~70% No condensation
Driving Voltage setting range 4.0v~23.5v Adjustable by 0.01 v pitch
Temperature controllable range 40°C~55°C (±1°C)
Product Life 5 years
Dimensions KMDBS01A: 59.3mm × 80mm
KMDBL01A: 82mm × 107mm
KMDBL02B: 74mm × 103mm

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