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Giving Shape to Ideas

Environmental Communication

Provision of Product Environmental Information

Issuing Environmental Reports

A printed CSR report and an online environmental report are prepared to provide information on the environmental activities of the entire Konica Minolta Group. The reports are updated once a year, and PDF-file versions are available for download from the Group's website.

Provision of Product Environmental Information

Konica Minolta actively supplies information concerning products using environmental labels.

Konica Minolta sites report their environmental impact and conservation activities to local communities

Each year, the Konica Minolta sites in Japan issue their own site reports containing environmental information.

These publications provide information to local residents, including an outline of the site's environmental impact. The reports describe environmental conservation activities, and health, safety, and disaster prevention efforts, as well as activities for promoting interaction with local communities. Konica Minolta also utilizes these reports for establishing and revising targets and execution plans.

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