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Green Marketing (distribution, sales, service, recovery, and recycling initiatives)

Supporting Customers to Solve Their Environmental Issues

Overview of Activities

Konica Minolta seeks to provide optimal solutions for each customer, engaging in close communication and information sharing about their unique needs. Similar efforts are applied to understanding each customer’s environmental concerns. The company utilizes Green Marketing to support customers’ environmental activities by sharing its management approach and effective practical applications. By raising the level of environmental action among customers, Konica Minolta is striving to create substantial environmental value that could not be achieved by one company. Proposing solutions to customer issues and earning their confidence has also helped Konica Minolta foster business discussions and secure MFP sales. This is the essence of Creating Shared Value (CSV) that promotes the growth of both Konica Minolta and customers.

Results of Activities

In fiscal 2015, Konica Minolta held a total of 12 environmental seminars, lectures and factory tours, involving 350 companies and over 500 personnel. Many participants provided positive feedback and considered the events very useful, while others expressed a desire for more detailed information. Konica Minolta also visited over 100 customers and held discussions with them. The company conducted energy-saving diagnoses at some customer production sites and implemented an Energy-Saving Support Program consisting of suggestions for reducing energy use. These actions create a beneficial cycle for the mutual improvement of environmental activities and give Konica Minolta insight into customer expertise and initiatives.

Voice of a Customer
JTEKT Corporation (auto parts and machine tool equipment manufacturer)

Although JTEKT had set high CO2 emissions reduction targets for its long-term group vision, our programs stagnated since all the energy-saving measures we thought of had already been done. Top management told us that it might be a good idea to get a third-party assessment, and we turned to Konica Minolta for an energy-saving diagnosis.
We received very helpful ideas including visualization measures to monitor costs and CO2 emissions reduction effects, prioritization starting with investment recovery, and the creation of execution plans. The energy-saving diagnosis became an opportunity to revitalize energy-saving activities at our other plants. Based on joint activities by the management department and frontlines, we realized the importance of sharing a sense of accomplishment in order to achieve further improvements. We believe that companies from different industries can share their technologies and expertise to achieve an even greater environmental contribution. We will continue to value the deep relationship of trust we have built with Konica Minolta through these environmental activities.

Kiyonori Ito
General Manager, Environmental Management Department
JTEKT Corporation

Visiting a Konica Minolta site to see environmental measures

Studying potential environmental measures at a customer’s plant

Voice of a Customer
Shanghai Huahui Silk Products Co., Ltd. (textile manufacturer)

Chinese environmental regulations have been getting stricter by the year. Since companies in the dyeing industry use large amounts of energy and water, the government asked us to make special efforts to save energy and water. Since our firm does not have experts in energy and environmental measures, we were wondering how to comply with the government requests. Then we were contacted by Konica Minolta, a company we knew through its inkjet textile printers. They said members of their environmental team would be visiting China from Japan, and they offered to help us. The team visited us several times and empathetically reviewed our energy and water usage situation before proposing a solution. Several of the measures they suggested, we then implemented. In addition to providing us with inkjet textile printers, Konica Minolta gave us very useful support including related areas, and helped us deal with the environmental issues we faced. Based on the trust created, we intend to maintain a long-term relationship with Konica Minolta.

Chen Yundai
Shanghai Huahui Silk Products Co., Ltd.

Studying potential environmental measures at a customer’s plant

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