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Overview of Activities

The solutions provided by Konica Minolta include not only products and services, but also environmental expertise that is useful to customers. Through Sustainable Marketing activities that provide the proven environmental expertise the company already possesses, Konica Minolta seeks to build corporate relationships by working with customers who appreciate its approach to environmental management to help them solve environmental issues. The aim of these efforts is to become the business partner of choice for companies around the world.

Fiscal 2020 Activity Results

Konica Minolta provided environmental seminars and lectures in Japan to an audience of 586 people from 377 companies to introduce Konica Minolta’s approach to environmental management, including practical examples. With direct visits difficult to COVID-19, Konica Minolta held online meetings with 133 companies to exchange views on the environment. In these sessions, the Company heard about customers’ environmental issues and introduced practical examples of Konica Minolta’s environmental work.
In China, where environmental legislation is rapidly becoming more rigorous, Konica Minolta participated in the China International Import Expo (CIIE 2020) and introduced its approach to environmental management, which aims to solve environmental issues in tandem with business plans. In addition, Konica Minolta introduced specific examples of its environmental expertise, such as efforts to conserve energy and resources in its plants and processing technology for recycled resin. Subsequently, the Company visited interested customers and introduced practical examples of how Konica Minolta is helping to solve environmental issues and exchanged opinions.

Building the Environmental Digital Platform

Global environmental problems are pressing challenges facing the whole world and cannot be solved by the isolated efforts of individual companies. Recognizing this, Konica Minolta has already opened up its reservoir of expertise in environmental management for business growth and cost reduction, has been sharing it with many other companies through digitization of our expertise.
Konica Minolta is in the process of digitally sharing its environmental expertise with a base of more than 1,000 companies that it has built through its sustainable marketing activities. By allowing these companies to share their environmental knowledge with each other and by providing a place to collaborate and create new value, Konica Minolta believes it can dramatically increase its contribution to environment. Konica Minolta launches the Environmental Digital Platform, aiming to help reduce the environmental impact of industry and society as a whole. The platform will enable companies to share and utilize their outstanding environmental technologies and expertise that Japanese companies have amassed.
Pilot run Trial operation of the Environmental Digital Platform began in June 2020 with 16 companies participating. The platform was expanded to full-scale operations in December 2020, with 39 companies participating as of April 2021. Konica Minolta aims to drive innovation with a co-creation approach in which companies share and utilize the knowledge and expertise they have acquired through practice and efficiently resolve environmental issues in mutual cooperation. The expertise on environmental strategies and renewable energy held by the participating companies, consulting and software for energy conservation diagnosis, and solutions that can be put into use immediately such as environmental products, are shared. Konica Minolta also helps match companies who can help each other solve their respective issues. Konica Minolta hopes that the broad use of this service by companies other than the participating companies can help solve environmental issues on an even bigger scale.
The Environmental Digital Platform, which not only shares expertise but offers its results to a broad section of society, consists of the Environmental Solution Co-Creation Service, which brings together the knowledge of participating companies on issues that are difficult for a single company to solve on its own so that new solutions can be created, and the Environmental Solution Service, in which participating companies share and utilize the environmental expertise they put into practice. The information that is shared is then made visible with the Environmental Management Navigation MAP (Guideposts for Solutions). Wide use of the Environmental Management Navigation makes it possible for companies to solve their own environmental issues. Going forward, Konica Minolta will help to resolve environmental issues on a global scale by promoting digitalization, increasing the number of participating companies, building up data, and expanding the Platform as a DX business.

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Digital Environmental Platform

Example of Environmental Digital Platform Content
biz-Library : Environmental management Support Solution

Konica Minolta believes that digitizing and sharing the environmental management expertise it has accumulated with even more companies will dramatically increase its contribution to the environment. It has provided an online content service, biz-Library (environmental management), since fiscal 2016. This service provides videos and documents featuring practical case studies from Konica Minolta. The content targets seven challenges faced by many companies: (1) formulating environmental strategy, (2) responding to revised environmental ISO standards, (3) energy saving and cost reduction in factories, (4) management of chemical substances, (5) efficient use of resources and cost reductions in factories, (6) methods of calculating Scope3 CO2 emissions, and (7) waste management by companies. Customers can use the manuals and tools actually implemented in Konica Minolta, allowing them to promote effective and efficient environmental impact reduction activities in their companies. These contents are shared on the Environmental Digital Platform mentioned above.

Efficient use of resources and cost reductions in factories

Methods of calculating Scope 3 CO2 emissions

Waste management by companies

Voice of a Customer | Toyota Boshoku Corporation

At Toyota Boshoku Corporation, we have a 2050 Environmental Vision that lays out six environmental challenge goals, such as bringing the Group’s CO2 emissions and life-cycle CO2 emissions to zero. We are aiming to bring together all stakeholders to create a sustainable environment in which the world’s children can all live in happiness.
We began an exchange with Konica Minolta’s environmental division in 2017. Conserving energy at our factories was an issue that we had in common as we expanded our businesses globally. We began by sharing our strengths and combining our energy conservation self-diagnostic tools and succeeded in developing an efficient tool for use on site that is easier to apply. Moreover, learning techniques for making the effects visible to raise motivation on site was very helpful. We were also able to deepen discussion with many participating companies across industries by participating in the Environmental Digital Platform. We are confident that we can accelerate our efforts to achieve Toyota Boshoku’s 2050 Environmental Vision by sharing and co-creating knowledge on how to solve pressing issues, such as introducing renewable energy.