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Changes from previous versions

Changes from Ver. 1.43 to Ver. 1.50

Database functions

Item Details Pro Lite
Data output in XML format Data can be saved in XML format which can be used for general purposes.
Expanded supplementary data information function Users can add their own data items to sample data. They can also specify selectable items to each data item in advance. (Example: Data item: Body color; Selectable items: Silver, Red, Pearl white)
Maximum number of data items increased to 200.
Supplementary data added using the Professional Edition can be used on the Lite Edition.

Enhanced canvas window screen functionss

Item Details Pro Lite
3D color-difference graph display ΔL*a*b* data can be displayed in a 3D space. The tolerance volume defined by the color difference equation can be displayed in 3D for easy verification.
Arbitrary two-axis graph display Any two variables can be displayed on a 2D graph.
The trend or data correlation between two items can be checked visually.
Canvas window layout functions The following two functions have been added:
  • Alignment functions (horizontal/vertical alignment based on a reference object; making selected objects same size)
  • Function to allow the same item to be set simultaneously on all selected objects.
Additional items for property settings of each graph. The following items are added for graph settings:
  • Selecting whether to show or hide titles and entering of desired characters. (Supports overlaying data under different conditions (e.g. SCI/E).)
  • Specifying the display and line color of the warning line specified as tolerance.
  • Specifying the line width for the spectral graph and line graph.
  • Marker type “+”is added to plot data for the color difference, absolute value, and xy chromaticity diagram objects (including Hunter graphs).
Spectral graph addition/change Addition
  • “Transmittance”option has been added to “Data Format” in the property settings.
  • Drawing method is changed so that when the attribute of data is set to 400nmCut, the section between the points for 390nm and 400nm are not linked with a line, but the section below 400nm is plotted straight down to 0%.
Lock for edit functions A function is added to protect files created with NX.
A protected file allows measurement functions only, preventing the screen status from being changed.

Macro function

Item Details Pro Lite
Macro function Routine workflows can be automated by defining macro sequences in advance. Automating workflows reduces operation errors and saves working time.
For example, a macro can be defined for a series of operations such as: Calibrate the instrument before measurement, take measurements 50 times at 10-minute intervals, and save the data.
Macros created using Professional Edition can be used on Lite Edition.

User calibration function and display of fluorescent calibration coefficients

Item Details Pro Lite
User calibration function User calibration of the CM-3600d or CM-2600d can be performed.
Display of fluorescent calibration coefficients The fluorescent calibration coefficients calculated by fluorescence adjustment can be displayed on the screen.  

Additional measurement functions

Item Details Pro Lite
Additional measurement functions The following four measurement functions have been added:
  • Timer measurement function
  • Function to stop averaging measurements when the standard deviation becomes lower than the predefined threshold value
  • Function to delete abnormal values (maximum and minimum values) from the averaging measurement calculations
  • Function to specify the timing to enter comments (before or after measurement) during manual measurement averaging

Addition/deletion of list items; Other improvements

Item Details Pro Lite
Addition/deletion of list items Added items JIS staining degree and grade, ISO staining degree and grade  
K/S density wavelength (maximum absorption wavelength equation)  
Value at 10/D65 for ISO 105-A04 Stain Test  
Values of the evaluation components (lightness difference, hue difference, saturation difference) in the color difference equations for CMC.  
Values of the evaluation components (lightness difference, hue difference, saturation difference) in the color difference equations for ΔE*94.  
Values of the evaluation components (lightness difference, hue difference, saturation difference) in the color difference equations for ΔE2000.
Reflectance difference
Deleted items Strength: XYZ, Strength: Pseudo XYZ
(Note: Reinstated in Ver. 1.51)
Wavelength option of user equation X X
Selected data printing function As a sub function for list printing, a function to print selected data only has been added.
Added/improved functions for option menu settings Added functions
  • Automatic saving after every measurement
  • Saving of edit mode status in the file. When this option is selected, if the canvas window is in edit mode when it is closed, it will start in edit mode at the next startup. When this option is not selected, the canvas window always starts in run mode.
Improved operations
  • Improved file path setting method
    Users can specify the default folder which is first displayed when a file dialog box appears, such as when a file is opened or saved. Two options are available: One is to save the location of the last opened folder; and the other is to always display the same folder.
  • Function to display the list window quickly
    When a file contains 1,000 pieces or more of sample data, displaying the data requires some time. When this option is enabled, the data can be displayed quickly. Note, however, that the user equation will not be calculated.
Improved functions for data property settings The following functions are added to facilitate data property settings:
  • The Data Property dialog box can be displayed by double-clicking data in the list window.
  • [CurrentNo. Page No/Total] is displayed at the bottom of the property dialog box so that the data being edited can be confirmed easily.
  • Name, comment and supplementary data information can be edited.
  • The height of the row can be adjusted so that the entire comment can be displayed.
  • An Apply button has been added to the display for setting the number of decimal places for the displayed item.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs in previous versions have been fixed.

  • When a header/footer was edited in place in the canvas window, the text was not reflected in the Print dialog box.
  • When the display format for the numeric label object was set to "Data Using List Colors", the judgment and visual judgment were not reflected.
  • When the string entered for the string label object included a return, the string was not displayed properly. It was always displayed from the upper right (same as a normal text window), with some margin on the left.
  • The number of decimal places setting for the line graph object was reset.
  • The number of decimal places setting for each graph object was reset when any displayed item was changed.
  • When target data was sorted and a new list number was assigned, the target number (number assigned to linked target) of sample data became incorrect.
  • When average value data was moved to target data, the software crashed.
  • When CM-3630 was connected, the geometry was set to d/8 (correct geometry was d/0).
  • Security hole: Even when property editing was disabled, data could be opened and edited by double-clicking on the data.
  • Opacity difference and haze difference were not displayed.
  • The Close button of the Data Property dialog box was not focused.
  • Some texts in the Italian and French versions had not been translated.

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