Measuring Instruments

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Changes from previous versions

Changes from Ver. 2.60 to 2.70

System requirements:

  • Windows® 10 Pro 32-bit, 64-bit (excluding Windows 10 Anniversary Update) have been added to the list of compatible OS.
  • Windows® 8 Pro 32-bit, 64-bit have been removed from the list of compatible OS.

Specification changes:

  • A function to check the decrease of xenon lamp light output when the CM-3700A is connected has been added.
  • When the "All Data (Resize object to fit data)" item in the Property dialog for the Data List object is unchecked, the Data List object will show the target (if available) and the selected sample or samples.

Bug fixes:

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Problem in which the white calibration data file could not be read when setting white calibration values on a CM-2600d.
  • Problem in which the values displayed for DIN 6175-2 were incorrect.
  • Problem in which tolerance values could not be set for user equations.
  • Problem in which the temperature data for measurement data was not displayed in some cases when using a CM-512m3.
  • Problem in which even when "Auto Adjust Col Width (Row Height)" in the Display Settings was unchecked, the column width reset itself when an operation was performed after manually adjusting the column width.
  • Problem in which the limit lines and plot point colors were not displayed correctly in the trend graph when tolerances were set for the target color.
  • Problem in which Auto Naming did not function correctly when performing sample manual averaging measurements.
  • Problem in which the data name was not set correctly when performing manual averaging measurements.
  • Problem in which the values displayed for Grey Scale (ISO 105.A05)(D65) and Grey Scale (ISO 105.A05)(D65) did not match the standard.
  • Problem which occurred when the user equation display area of the CCS screen is clicked when using user equations.
  • Problem in which the information for the Specular Component list item was incorrect in some cases when using the CM-2500d or CM-2500c.
  • Problem which occurred when a user index of 100 characters was used in the CM-5 Standalone Configuration dialog.
  • Problem in which it was not possible to download data measured with the CM-3500d to the CM-5 or CR-5 for use as target data.
  • Problem in which it was not possible to select measurement type (reflectance, transmittance, etc.), measurement area, and specular component setting when downloading manually input spectral data to the CM-5 or CR-5.
  • Problem in which the tolerance values set for a list item continued to be used for judgement even after the list item was deleted from the list window.
  • Problem which occurred when sample data was averaged when using the CCS function with the CR-400 or CR-5 connected.
  • Problem in which the parameters for CMC, dE*94, and dE00 were not properly reflected in calculations when using 2-bank colorimetric target data.
  • Problem which occurred when using the list items Haze and Haze diff if these two items were deleted from the list items and then added again.
  • Correction of English translation in Instrument Settings dialog. Correct translation is "Copy cutoff wavelength reflectance"
  • Other minor bugs.

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