Measuring Instruments

Giving Shape to Ideas

Changes from previous versions

Changes from Ver. 2.02 to Ver. 2.03

Specification changes:

  • Setting range for Scale of Trend Graph and 2-Axis Graph changed to -1000 to +1000.
  • “Range” added as a display item when showing Statistics values in the List window.
  • Installer now creates shortcuts to the Instruction Manual in the Start Menu and on the desktop.

Bug fixes:

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Problem that occurred when opening a bdt file (CM-5/CR-5 data file) with certain display items.
  • Problem in which Haze values could not be displayed when taking measurements with CR-5.
  • Problem in which the background color of numerical values was sometimes incorrect when “Include Visual Judgement results into the Total Judgement” was checked.
  • Translation errors and several other minor bugs.

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