Measuring Instruments

Giving Shape to Ideas

Changes from previous versions

Changes from Ver. 2.40 to Ver. 2.50

System requirements:

  • Windows 8 Pro 32-bit and Windows 8 Pro 64-bit have been added to the list of compatible OS.

Specification changes:

  • Additional settings of 180 days and 365 days have been added to the interval settings for the periodic calibration warning setting available when the CM-3700A, CM-3600A, CM-3610A, or CM-512m3A is connected.
  • When setting tolerances, the tolerance range for both upper and lower limits is from -19.99 to +19.99.
  • When inputting data to the Input Illuminant Data dialog box or to the Input Spectral Target / Input Colorimetric Target dialog box, data can be pasted into the text box by right-clicking on the text box and selecting Paste.
  • Items in the Standalone Configuration dialog for the CM-700d or CM-600d have been updated to correspond to instrument firmware Ver. 1.20. (Specifically, Hunter ΔE has been added.)
  • Company name was changed from Konica Minolta Optics, Inc. to Konica Minolta, Inc.

Bug fixes:

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Problem in which SpectraMagic NX could not be started on some Windows XP environments.
  • Problem in which the Signal Color Index Settings dialog could not be opened properly in the French and German versions.
  • Problem in which the SCE average value was not calculated properly when measurement conditions were set to SCI+SCE.
  • Problem that occurred when a CM-5 was connected with measurement conditions set to SCI+SCE, and, after performing interval measurements, the interval setting was then switched off and manual averaging was attempted.
  • Problem that occurred when a CR-400 was connected in which the Communication Status in the Status Window was shown as “Error” after connecting the instrument and performing white calibration.
  • Problem that occurred when Edit Mode was set and after editing a template, another template file was loaded without saving the edited template file.
  • Problem that occurred when a CM-512m3A was connected in which after downloading target data with tolerance data to the instrument, the sign of the tolerance data lower limit was changed from minus to plus when the same target data were uploaded again from the instrument to SpectraMagic NX.
  • Several other minor bugs

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