Changes from previous versions

Changes from Ver. 1.93 to Ver. 2.01

Instrument compatibility:

  • Compatibility with Spectrophotometer CM-5 has been added.

Specification changes:

  • Navigation for Spectrophotometer CM-5 has been added.
  • When Spectrophotometer CM-5 is connected, the following transmittance indices are added to the List Items that can be selected for the List Window:
    Gardner, Iodine Color Number, Hazen/APHA, European Pharmacopoeia, US Pharmacopeia
  • Addition of ID50 and ID65 to Illuminants
  • Addition of Munsell D65 Hue, Munsell D65 Value, and Munsell D65 Chroma to the List Items that can be selected for the List Window.
  • Instruction Manual (pdf file) can now be opened from the Help menu.
  • Designs of splash screen and icons have been changed.

Bug fixes:

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Problem with opening certain text files.
  • Problem that occurred when keyed-in colorimetric target color data were cut or copied and pasted twice.
  • Problem in which overwrite installation of unit driver files for CM-3600 series instruments could not be performed.
  • Problem that occurred when measurement data with no associated target color were uploaded from the instrument.
  • Several other minor bugs.

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