Measuring Instruments

Giving Shape to Ideas

Changes from previous versions

Changes from Ver. 2.03 to Ver. 2.10

Computing environment:

  • Windows® 7 Professional 32 bit (x86), Windows® 7 Professional 64 bit (x64) have been added to the list of compatible OS.
  • Windows® 2000 has been removed from the list of compatible OS. (Users of Windows® 2000 should download Ver. 2.03 instead.)

Compatible instruments:

  • Spectrophotometer CM-3600A and CM-3610A have been added.
  • Spectrophotometer CM-2002, CM-500 series (except CM-512m3), and Chroma Meter CR-200 and CR-300 series have been removed. (These instruments are supported by Ver. 2.03.)

Specification changes:

  • Added Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional) to the available languages.
  • Added function to search for data within files.
  • Added function to merge files together.
  • Added CCS (Closest Color Search) function to automatically select from the target color group the specified number of targets (up to 5) closest to the measured sample. (Professional Edition only)
  • Added signal color index and capability to set polygonal tolerance judgment for the signal color index on xy chromaticity diagram. (Professional Edition only)
  • Added capability to set weighting factors to be used as a user-defined illuminant for colorimetric calculations. (Professional Edition only)
  • Software can be set to show data for measurements in List Window by rows or by columns.
  • Single-operation SCI and SCE measurements can now be taken with the CM-5 as well as with the CM-3600A series, CM-3600d series, CM-2500d/CM-2600d, and CM-600d/CM-700d.
  • Added ability to start external software in response to Pass/Fail judgment

Bug fixes:

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Problem with automatic column width adjustment in List Window.
  • Several other minor bugs.

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